How does ClicQnet work?


Job seeker looking

for a better job

Create a profile, including your competences. Take a values test.

Employer with

open vacancy

Create a profile and describe the vacancy. Invite the team to take a team culture test.


ClicQnet calculates results and creates a shortlist of applicants who have the best matches with the team.


The recruiter chooses how many applicants will be interviewed and who will be invited.

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Easy and fast sign up process. Job application and values test free of charge.


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Start exploring possibilities

ClicQnet will show the possibilities for your next step in your success story.

  • Find a job in a work environment where you are even more likely to reach your goals and flourish!
  • Job seeking is free, creating a profile and even taking the values test is free.
  • You can message regarding a job opening to show your interest and to stand out.
  • Use the test results for professional growth and self development.

Right people for right teams

Company recruiter,

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More succesful recruitment just a ClicQ away

Intelligent algorithms

The best job seeker and company match can be calculated immediately based on Hofstede Insights Culture Fit tests.

Targeted search

Our service finds best matching candicates for your open positions, securing the best possible Culture Fit.

Right person for the team

ClicQnet’s ability to match job applicants’ value preferences to your team culture enables faster onboarding.

Faster employment

ClicQnet deletes the manual work at the beginning of a recruitment process. The service allows the recruiter to focus on the essentials.

  • Rely on scientifically proven methods in recruitment to create the shortlist of best fitting candidates for you.
  • Creating a company profile and an open vacancy is free, even the team test if free. You pay for contacts only.
  • With the best cultural match, the new hires will stay longer and be happier at their jobs - with better results! You save time and your company saves money.
  • You even gain helpful insight for team development.